Publications & Research Venture consultants are focused on the latest issues facing the investment industry. Their extensive practical experience bringing solutions to our clients over the years gives them a unique perspective on today’s business and technology challenges. The following papers were authored by Venture consultants and are available to you at no cost.

"Implementing an Investment Accounting System: Lessons from the Trenches"
Investment accounting is at the core of your business and while functional requirements, budgets, and IT capabilities may vary as much as the type and size of your firm, how you approach and manage an implementation can impact your projectís success and firm greatly. The right resources and approach can make the difference in accelerating time to production, improving operations, reducing project costs, and minimizing overall risks. Venture FSG is pleased to present its updated Lessons from the Trenches on implementing investment accounting systems; valuable insights on the challenges and opportunities to ensure a successful implementation. - Fall 2015

"Knowing Your Customer and Culture: An Integrated Approach to USA PATRIOT Act Compliance"
Venture consultants Vincent Manning and Marc Spitzner and attorneys Ralph C. Martin II and Donald J. Savery of the law firm Bingham McCutchen, discuss how full compliance with the USA PATRIOT Act cannot be achieved merely through technology, but through a combination of technology and cooperation between a variety of intra-organizational business areas. Published in The Journal of Investment Compliance, Summer 2003 - July 2003

Client Advisory: USA PATRIOT Act Compliance
Review of the USA PATRIOT Act, its impact to financial institutions, and an overview of the technology solutions available that address the PATRIOT Act and anti-money laundering - April 2003

Managed Accounts Solutions: Operational Due Diligence
Checklist of the functional and operational requirements that must be assembled when deciding on an infrastructure for separately managed accounts.

"Straight Through Processing - A Reality More So Than We Think"
Published in Ink Spot News - September 11, 2000

"The Search For Portfolio Accounting Applications"
Published in Ink Spot News - October 1999