RUP4STP™ - The Compass for Your STP Initiatives

Don’t take the T + 1 postponement as a license to relax your STP initiatives, or worse to do nothing. Instead, take the opportunity to commence a tactical and strategic STP program that will ensure that you are well positioned to meet accelerated settlement cycles, and equally important, bolster your long-term competitive position. After all, T + 1 is but one component of any long-term STP initiative.

But, do you, like so many industry participants, find yourself paralyzed when faced with where to start? Considering the scope and complexity of STP, it is no wonder that many asset management firms struggle to identify a starting point.

An STP solution must be highly customized to your firm’s specific requirements. This requires a methodology and toolset, specifically tailored to STP, to enable you to assess existing workflows and architecture and build a roadmap for a future operating model.

RUP4STP is an extension to the Rational Unified Process (RUP®) and is specifically customized to help financial services firms properly assess current business and technical operations and identify and initiate projects to achieve STP.

The RUP4STP business modeling framework helps you understand the current interactions of data, systems, and people in the current trading cycle model and develop a vision for the future trading cycle model with real-time data feeds and connectivity to external trading parties, custodian banks, and virtual matching utilities.

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