Despite a huge number of variables, MacPhail maintains that simplicity underlies the construction:
Figuring out the loads is complex, but it proves the simple balancing act. "
Al MacPhail, Lead Engineer for the Zakim Bridge

System Integration Venture has extensive experience integrating vendor packages across many lines of business. It’s not easy to integrate applications into the highly complex environments of investment managers, third party administrators and custodian banks. Each business line has its own business and system flows, a variety of investment applications and market data providers. Many firms do not have a seasoned staff who has experience integrating applications. Firms tend to underestimate the amount of time that should be spent in certain critical areas and often find, during later phases of the project, they need to retrace their steps causing budget overruns.

A well thought-out process and identification of critical steps in the planning stages of any integration is essential to success. Our consultants are adept in working with the complexities of investment management data and processes. Because of our extensive experience, we understand the integration process and are keenly aware of issues that may occur throughout all phases of the lifecycle and are able to keep the project on course.

Representative Projects:

Accounting System Integration

Venture was commissioned to support the integration of a portfolio accounting system at multiple client sites. The client outsourced the complete project lifecycle to design and develop all critical interfaces to the accounting system. This included interfaces to trading and pricing systems, automated data conversions (tax lots, income, and general ledger), and development of normalized outbound interfaces. Additionally, Venture managed the documentation of all business requirements and coordinated and conducted the testing for all core accounting, derivative enhancements, complex fund structure enhancements and report development, all of which were implemented in the core application by the vendor.

MBS Trading System

A large asset manager brought Venture on board to assume Project Management responsibilities and coordinate efforts of various groups across the front, middle, and back office during the implementation of a mortgage-backed trading system and the resulting internal systems development required to interface with it. Additional responsibilities included vendor relationship management and release coordination. Venture coordinated and managed the development and testing teams for the following functional areas/applications: trading and electronic pool notification, investment data, warehousing, repository, custody, fund accounting, pricing and network operations.